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CLAN VISION/STATEMENT: We Are A family of tronners, We are starting out from scratch to Rise Up As One. Starting From "Noob", We will work our way up to be the best Pros they're Are. We Give our 100% in any battle and hope for the best outcome. In any situation A XD will Always Defend them As they're Brother or Sister Because We Are A Family. We Fight Together,We Rise To The Top, And... WE ARE ONE!


1. Membership of another clan is not allowed while in XD. Wearing tags of another clan will result in immediate clan removal, no questions asked!

2. Wear your clan tag at all times unless REQUESTED and APPROVED by a clan leader.

3. If you change your tron name, you must report it to a clan leader immediately.

4. Abusive or disruptive behavior in public or private Armagetron servers is not acceptable.

5. Members are required to attend practices when possible and put forth effort in wars, practices, FT10's, and winning.

6. Members are required to be active on tron and the forums. If you know you're going to be inactive, please post on forums and tell a leader.

7. Only leaders and appointed recruiters may recruit. Members MAY NOT RECRUIT.

8. MEMBERS MAY NOT: gamble/bet, kick, promote/demote other members. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal.

9. Members must follow the orders of those who have been designated control over them.


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